Hunter Bonus Program - Registration form

ELIGIBILITY: Horses or ponies must be eligible for the division(s) nominated according to the governing rules of the horseshow (USEF, PCHA, and NorCal). Horses MUST be recorded with NorCal and owner, rider, and trainer must all be current members of NorCal.

Horses/ponies may be nominated for a maximum of two divisions and you must declare the rider at the time of the nomination. Only one rider per horse (with the exception of Green, Young, and Performance Hunters), per division will be allowed. In the event that a horse/pony is sold you can re-nominate with a new owner or rider and start accumulating new points. Points can NOT carry over from previous owner/rider.

The fee is $50 per division. Registration must be received in the NorCal office, or turned in at a NorCal show, before any points will be tabulated. Points WILL NOT be awarded retroactively.

No changes can be made to the recipients of hunter bonus prize money once the form is submitted.  An individual who is registered as a professional with USEF must be listed as Trainer.  In the event an applicant rides independently, no prize money will be issued for a trainer.  


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