Leylan Gleeson

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Committee chair:  Silent Auction
Committee member:  Fundraising

I am a professional based in Marin County. I have a boutique business developing hunters, equitation horses and riders. I am from the East Coast, I worked and showed in Lexington and Wellington as a professional for 4 years before relocated out here 3 years ago. I went to University of Georgia where I earned a finance degree while competing on the NCEA Team.

What would you like to contribute as a NorCal board member? 
I would love to help keep Northern California horses and riders relevant. We have a lot amazing professionals up here and would love to help create programs that support them.
How do you think NorCal can best fulfill the needs of its membership? 
Help oversea better horse shows. More year end programs with prize money for hunters and jumpers.

Thank you sponsors!