Erika Westhoff

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Committee chair:  Banquet
Committee member:  Clinic

I've been a NorCal member on and off since the mid-80's.  As junior I competed many years in the NorCal Junior Medal finals with a few top 10 finishes.  As an amateur I've been a competitive member on and off as time and opportunity allowed.  I've also been a parent of a NorCal competitor who has competed at all the NorCal venues and in NorCal finals (Junior and 3ft).  A highlight of many years has been participating in the last 5 NorCal clinics. This is a huge value of the NorCal community and has given me and my daughter a chance to learn from a variety of high level trainers and help develop our horses.  
Professionally, riding inspired my career of 25 years as a Mental Skills Coach.  I have worked with athletes in a wide range of sports from youth to Olympic level and help them get mentally prepared to perform their best under pressure.  My roster of clients has always included riders, both hunter/jumper, dressage, and rodeo.  My specialty within the field of Sport Psychology is working with athletes who suffer from severe chronic stress and teach them how control, manage, prepare and compete successfully. I also added REALTOR® to my professional resume in 2021.  In this domain I specialize in helping clients buy and sell equestrian properties.  I am active in both businesses and each allows me to coach people to live in stronger alignment with their ideal lives.

What would you like to contribute as a NorCal board member? 
As a board member, I would like to contribute in the following ways: - Help with the annual clinic and ensure as many members benefit from it as possible and contribute to keeping the quality of clinicians high. - Education is at the core of everything I do, so I'm happy to contribute to any educational initiatives. - Help guide NorCal to ensure a healthy competitive environment.
How do you think NorCal can best fulfill the needs of its membership? 
I believe that continuing to creating a healthy, proactive competitive community is the key to a valuable membership. I always lean into educational opportunities and creating more of these would be an excellent way to provide value. Building on the clinic experience and providing even more learning opportunities for rider and trainers would be excellent. Coaching education, for trainers (other sports are doing a much better job of this), and building out educational programing or building partnerships with existing educational sources (ex. Noelle Floyd Masterclass, to give members more opportunities to learn.

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