Junior Hunters (3'6")

Year end awards sponsored by

Heidi Cowley & Jamie Cheney
Danville, CA

Official NorCal Standings

1Call Me VegasLily Park4308.0308.0
2DinatioGeorgia Yewell5256.0256.0
3Half Moon BayKarsen Kadien5196.0144.0196.0
4Summer SoireeEmily Anne Pasha3168.5168.5
5OscuroChimay Buyalos2130.0130.0
6BlueprintFiona Clark2107.5107.5
7ShamelessGracey Hensley174.074.0
8Quick WitMadeleine Kielty Allen168.568.5
9No MercyCharlotte Rohlen154.054.0
10Golden Hour ZGabriella Anzelc153.053.0
11Rock HillPresley Orzen342.0158.036.042.0

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

Thank you sponsors!