Amateur Owner Hunters (3’3”)

Horses to be ridden by Amateur Owners or an amateur member of the owner’s family. In either case classes are restricted to riders who are no longer eligible to compete as junior exhibitors. Leased horses are not eligible and multiple ownership is not permitted unless all owners are members of the same family.

Official NorCal Standings

1ChicagoAlice Marks9538.
2GalileoLily Swift6187.594.047.019.5348.0
3RumorAngela Pommer4162.0118.0280.0
4VanitasKailyn Gray356.5139.039.0234.5
5WondrousEmily Ose3133.091.0224.0
6Da VinciDarby Furth Bonomi4213.0213.0
7Cantino 9Lynn Tetenbaum4199.0199.0
8Mister CarreraJayme Omand353.096.022.0171.0
9Vanity RWKaitlin Perry2167.0167.0
10CaruboMolly Mrowka4146.5146.5
11Gentleman JackSarah Maples238.0100.0138.0
12Grey GooseAlison Stern3113.017.0130.0
13MarvelAimee LaFayette160.060.0
14Dream Boy MKassy Perry142.042.0

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

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