Children's Hunters, Riders 14 - 17

1Educated GuessCarson Skrable489.55262203.5
2CintasSabine Close3103.594197.5
3ClockwiseRiley Hayes3686159.5188.5
4SUMMER SOIREEEmily Anne Pasha2149149
5Ace of SpadesMadeline Brown376.563139.5
6Lone StarPip Koll2123.5123.5
7Ivy LeagueAbigail Williamson204463107
8QuirinIsabella De Bernardo1106106
9MahaloRiley Hayes2304878
10FEDERERKatharine Reuter14242
11ERNIEGabriella anzelc120.520.5
12CHRISTO 30Camille Panuwat101717
13IT'S A MYSTERYKarly Jackson101414
14Quick WitMadeleine Kielty Allen11313
15Messenger BlueLaurel Piombo/Nicasio Valley Barn111.511.5

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

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