Equitation, Riders 12 - 14

1Addison Campany3383150119
2Silvia Krupka3110110
3Riley Delaney3100100
4Kalea Iuliano 29696
5Charlotte Rohlen342.53981.5
6Beatrice Clark330.525.52581
7Greenley Achuck2373875
8Carson Skrable39.53129.570
9Annika Kortlang203333.566.5
10Daphne Gretton233.53063.5
11Laurel Piombo/Nicasio Valley Barn15050
12Valentina Lehner24949
13Addison Cheney215.53045.5
14Gabrielle Chou24444
15Avery Myers20212142
16Olive Thompson103636
17Gabriella anzelc133.533.5
18Katharine Reuter13333
19Megan McNamara102828
20Evie Nichols12727
21Peyton Cosentino101818

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

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