Cloverleaf Medal

Last updated: 
Oct 12th '20

Medal Specs: 

Open to junior and amateur riders not showing in any classes over 3’7". To be judged over a jumper course of not less than 9 fences at 3’ in height. To be judged on hands, seat, guidance, and control of the horse on a jumper type of ride. There will not be a time allowed, a tone will be used to signal the rider to start the course. Any jumper type bit or equipment is allowed. Jumping penalties will be considered in accordance with USEF equitation rules. Additional work offs after the initial round will be at the judges discretion and any number of riders may be asked to test. At least 3 riders must enter and compete in the class. First and second place will qualify for the finals. Points awarded 10-6-4-2-1-1/2. Winner of the medal final class will receive a golf cart and a cooler. Prizes to 10th in the finals.                                                

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